GEOfood is powered by Magma UNESCO Global Geopark, in Norway. 


GEOfood brand defines the "taste quality" based on local traditions and users, connected with geological heritage along the history! 

The support to local communities, the holistic and bottom-up approach which characterizes the UNESCO Global Geoparks is also the core of the GEOfood brand.

The GEOfood brand has its routes within the UNESCO Global Geoparks and it can be used only in such UNESCO designated areas.

GEOfood’s mission is to support the sustainable development of local communities, increasing the actions towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. GEOfood aims to operate within the UNESCO Global Geoparks values and bottom-up approach! 

GEOfood is expanding and several UNESCO Global Geoparks adopted the brand to promote the connection between the unique Geoparks's geological heritage and the local food traditions.

Branding local product and restaurants within the GEOfood label it means to support the Geopark´s local communities in developing sustainable agricultural activities, to increase the awareness about the importance of the soil, the landscape and the cultural heritage. 

GEOfood is also becoming an unique tourist opportunity for authentic experiences that enrich both the body and the mind! 



GEOfood is much more than a simple brand.

The GEOfood quality stands on the communities stories, traditions, heritage and geological peculiarities of the Geopark areas. 

GEOfood is an innovative way to connect all targets of the population with the territory, food

is an international language that anyone can understand; in fact, through the food we like to connect people with soil, nature and strengthen the food education towards km zero food and responsible use of the resources.

The GEOfood born as a concrete answer for the worldwide future agricultural challenges detected by United Nation within the Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and specifically from from FAO.  The adoption of the GEOfood brand within the Geoparks could  concretely contribute to achieve many of the UNSDG'S targets detected within the 17 UNSDGs.

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