• Sara Gentilini

First GEOfood certified products in Italy!

Congratulation to the Colline Metallifere UNESCO Global Geopark for being the first Italian Geopark to implement the GEOfood brand within the local products and producers. The successful cooperation has been build up on an already established strong agreement between the local DRAGO Agricultural District located in the Geopark area, in Maremma, Tuscany. GEOfood has been accepted by the DRAGO Network and some selected products, which following the GEOfood criteria and MANIFESTO, have been "upgraded" to GEOfood products. These will be sold in local food chain with explanations concerning the connection between local geological heritage and the quality of raw material directly linked with soils and geodiverstity. In this way we like to educate local people about the importance of geological heritage and km zero food practices!

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