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Geocake workshop opened by the minister of territorial cohesion

The Geocakes company, specialized in organic and sustainable regional products, opened its new studio in Idanha-a Nova on Monday 29 June in a ceremony chaired by the Minister of territorial cohesion.

Ana Abrunhosa wanted to watch the dream of chefs Raquel Ramos and Mario Ramos, the couple responsible for this investment, come true, to convey that Geocakes ′ ′ represents the type of projects we want for this area: a project with a heart, which alia the tradition, the authenticity and identity of its territory with innovation, quality and openness to the world ".

"I wouldn't miss this moment for nothing, knowing that this project means a lot to Idanha and is inspired by something unique in the world: the geopark in which it fits [UNESCO World Geopark Naturtejo], "said the Minister of Cohesion territorial.

The official inauguration of the Geocakes studio also had the presence of the mayor of Idanha-a-Nova and the UNESCO World Geopark Naturtejo, Armindo Giacinto, of the godfathers of the ceremony, Amelia Nabeiro and Giovanni Manuel Nabeiro from Delta Cafés, and several bodies local and regional.

Chief Raquel Ramos explained that ′ ′ the Geocake project was born from my passion for the art of pastry making framed by the region that I chose to develop, Idanha-a-Nova, in the Geopark Naturtejo territory. Today is the day I made my dream come true. "

" Geocakes is the seed that bears fruit, based on the authenticity of the knowledge of the people, the recipe books and the quality of the endogenous products of the region ", realized Raquel Ramos.

Geocakes products - biscuits, cakes, jellies and others - have an organic certification while the company is certified with the Geoprodotti and GeoFood brands, incorporating all the values ​​of Geopark Naturtejo and Bio-Regione Idanha-Nova in what concerns environmental sustainability , the circular economy and local identity.

The mayor of Idanha-a-Nova Armindo Giacinto addressed the couple of entrepreneurs with words of recognition: " This is a special moment for the leaders Raquel Ramos and Mario Ramos, but also for Idanha-a-Nova and Geopark Naturtejo ", he started by saying.

Armindo Jacinto believes that "Geocakes is a company that represents very well what we want in terms of territorial development. He is already a reference in the region and in the country and, as mayor, I can only be proud to have entrepreneurs on the board who put a lot of love and affection into what they do. They will surely achieve excellent results. "

The inauguration of the study was supported by Giovanni Manuel Nabeiro and Amelia Nabeiro representing the Nabeiro - Delta Cafés group. With heartfelt words, they remembered the relationship of deep friendship and admiration that connects the company to the couple responsible for Geocake, and expressed their wishes for professional and personal success.

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