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Helana - GEOfood restaurant in Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark (Portugal)

Helana is a restaurant located in the Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark, in the historical centre of Idanha-a-Nova. It is a cosy space, where regional cuisine is mixed together with delicious modern flavours. Based in a soft drink old factory, the space was inaugurated in 2000 and since then it has received several distinctions and awards (

Helana is located in a soft drink old factory

The delicacies you can find there will connect you to the fertile soils and natural pastures of Campina de Idanha, flanked by the monumental Ponsul's Fault Scarp. Two minutes far from the restaurant, the Viewpoint of Idanha Castle provides the best panoramic view over the vast landscape and over the big step formed by Ponsul's Fault.

Ponsul's Fault Scarp Viewpoint

Well-kept recipes and ingredients that have been part of the local food since ever bring us through the landscapes, geomonuments and traditions of Naturtejo Geopark.

Helana's GEOfood Menu brings to the table cheeses, olive oil and sausages, the main gastronomic ambassadors of Portugal and of this particular region. These authentic ingredients are produced in the extensive fields and pastures of the Geopark, where they benefit from the best orographic, climatic and soil characteristics.

The GEOfood Menu also presents “Geo do Prado” meat, produced with deep respect for animal welfare, seasonal flavours, such as wild asparagus, harvested in the fields by those who know them best or tasty desserts, whose recipes mix ancient knowledge and innovative experiences.

Helana has received several distinctions and awards
Local flavours coming come out of Chef's hands

Deeply committed with global policies and strategies, Helana has adopted a Strategy for Sustainability, already distinguished by the Green Key award. Priorities are focused on the quality of ingredients (local, seasonal, organic and circular economy) and in the use of sustainably responsible consumables. For example, paper consumables come from recyclable and ecofriendly certified materials and table placemats are made of cork, a unique Portuguese raw material. The detergents used in the restaurant are made of ingredients with high degrees of biodegradability and Ecolabel certification and the space heating is done using pellets from biomass.

Helana is located in the historic centre of Idanha-a-Nova

Thanks to micro-filtering and refrigeration technology, tap water goes through a process that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and contaminants, which makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact from the distribution, production and packaging circuit.

Helana is a partner from Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark since the early beginning and in 2019 it joined GEOfood brand.

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