• Sara Gentilini

New GEOfood member from Portugal: the Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark

The Estrela Geopark is a territory where the Mountain, strongly shaped by the presence of ancient glaciers, merges with an ancient human history, deeply marked by its adaptation to this geography. Among the immense heritage that must be preserved and valued, the endogenous products gain a prominent place. Here, the relationship between the characteristics of the territory and its products is the faithful portrait of a mountain culture, based on the Estrela cheese, rye bread, heather honey, high-altitude wines or the olive oil produced on the Estrela slopes. These are products that are part of its local economy, its people and the heritage of this UNESCO Global Geopark. As such, it is of utmost importance to support, value and promote these products, as living elements of this heritage and as inducers of wealth. By joining the GeoFood brand, products, producers and restaurants can gain an increase in its promotion and, through it, generate added value. 

Emanuel Castro- Executive Coordinator

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