• Sara Gentilini

New #UNESCO Global Geopark join GEOfood!

The Azores Geopark is now member of the GEOfood network for the local and international promotion of local food products and sustainable development!

The Azores UNESCO Global Geopark has a rich geodiversity and an important geological heritage, based on a network of 121 geosites dispersed by the nine islands and the surrounding seafloor, with a total area of 12,884 sq. km (including the 2,324 sq. km of the emerged territory).The Azorean geodiversity includes geo-landscapes as domes and coulées, calderas, lakes, lava fields, fumaroles, hot springs and thermal waters, volcanic caves, “fajãs”, fault scarps and marine fossil deposits, among many others. Since the settlement in 15th century, the Azorean people learned how to live with active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes, taking advantage of its fertile soils (e.g. winery landscapes), their geological resources (e.g. water and thermal areas) and beautiful landscapes that ever since attracts visitors from all over the World. Now all the five Portugese UNESCO Global Geoparks are #GEOfood members! They are planning to set up a tourist route across Portugal which connect together all local producers and restaurants, though geosites and cultural heritage locations in cooperation with the tourist board of Portugal! It will be GEOfood food trail for authentic experiences and sustainable local development! Magma Unesco Global Geopark is so proud of that achievement!

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